CL-110, MPEG-2 Digital Video Decoder

Digital Video Transport Stream Decoder

CL-110 is MPEG-2 digital video decoder with multiple network interfaces, which is able to receive A/V signals, control order and text message, or return answering message and transmit local message via the uniform network interface.

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  • Supports a variety of network interfaces
  • Supports ISO13818-1 TS demultiplexing (up to 32PID)
  • Supports ISO13818-2 Main Profile @ Main Level video decoding
  • Supports ISO11172-3 and ISO13818-3 audio decoding
  • Supports graphic display up to 16 bits/pel (OSD)
  • English/Chinese Menu display, as well as display of teletext from the network
  • Execute control by panel keys and network interface
  • Configure and check working status over network
  • Configure and control the decoder by network interface
  • Communication protocol and remote control software package for third-party networking and application development
  • Update software version via serial port - Multi-program menu

Example Aplication

Model Selection

CL-110-ATM MPEG-2 Digital Video Decoder, RJ-45, Bit rate: 25.6Mbps, Interface: ATM
CL-110-IP MPEG-2 Digital Video Decoder, RJ-45, Bit rate: 1.5Mbps~7Mbps, Interface: 107100Mbps Ethernet
CL-110-E1 MPEG-2 Digital Video Decoder, BNC: G.703, Bit rate: 1.92Mbps, Interface: E1
CL-110-IMUX/E1 MPEG-2 Digital Video Decoder, SMB, Bit rate: 1.5Mbps ~ 7.6Mbps, Interface: 1-4 E1 channel
CL-110-DS3/E3 MPEG-2 Digital Video Decoder, BNC: ANSIT1.107/G.703; Bit rate: DS3: <43Mbps; E3: <33Mbps, ASI: <50 Mbps, Interface: DS3(default)/E3(optional)
CL-110-ASI MPEG-2 Digital Video Decoder, BNC, Bit rate: 500Kbps~50Mbps, Interface: DVB-ASI (1-channel ASI loop out)
CL-110-SPI MPEG-2 Digital Video Decoder, DB-25, Bit rate: 800Kbps~70Mbps, Interface: DVB-SPI


Ports: RS-232 Serial Port, 9-pin D-type
Video Decoding: Supports ISO 13818-2 Main Profile@Main Level Video Decoding, Resolution up to 720x576 (PAL), 720x480 (NTSC)
Audio Decoding: Support ISO 11172-3 Layer 2 Audio Decoding, Audio Modes: stereo, joint stereo mono, mono, dual mono
Environment: Operating temperature: 0°C to 40°C Storage temperature: -20°C to 80°C Comparative humidity: 10% to 90% (no-condensing)
Power Requirements: Voltage: 170V-264V/50 Hz or 85V-132V/60 Hz, power consumption: <30W
Audio/Video Input Interface: Composite Video (CVBS): RCA/75 ohm S-Video: S-Video/75 ohm Left/Right Audio Output: BNC/600 ohm, non-balanced, Cannon / 600 ohm, balanced (optional)
Control Keys and Status Indicator: Front Panel Key Control, LED On/Standby Status Indication