CL-HDMI-RF, HDMI true 1080p High definition wireless transmission

High Frequency Wireless Link for HDMI Video Signals

High definition wireless transmission between your television and your HDMI components

The CL-HDMI 1-Port 60GHz WirelessHD Kit enables high definition wireless transmission between your television
and your HDMI components. Enjoy a true 1080p signal from your computer, Blu-ray player, set-top box,
gaming console or other HDMI device to your HDMI enabled television. The 60Ghz transmission capability
means greater flexibility in your home theatre setup by allowing you to place the components up to 33 feet
apart or possibly more depending on the environment*.
The CL-HDMI-RF T/R 1-Port 60GHz WirelessHD Kit is ideal for situations where in-wall cabling is either not feasible
(such as in plaster, brick or exterior walls) or not desired (such as in apartments or other rental properties). By
offering true uncompressed video transmission, the CL-HDMI WirelessHD Kit is a quick, convenient and reliable
cable replacement. This plug-and-play solution requires no software, no drivers and no setup – simply connect
the receiver with the HDMI component and instantly transmit content to your television.

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• Supports wireless transmission up to 33ft/10M in-room
(longer distances may be supported depending on the environment)*
• Plug-and-play solution means no drivers, software, or setup required
• Auto Power function will automatically turn off the attached component when the transmitter is turned off
• Transmitter and receiver each have on/off switch to conserve power when not in use
• Transmitter and receiver are wall-mountable*
Comlan high-quality uncompressed HDMI 1.3 audio/video wireless Kit

• WirelessHD 1.0 certified
• Meets Digital Transmission Content Protection (DTCP) protocol
• Supports Deep Colour, x.v.Color™, Dolby® True HD, and DTS-HD Master Audio
• FCC and CE approvals
• 36 antenna array provides a strong wireless signal
• Data transfer rates of up to 4 Gbps
• Supports true uncompressed 1080p@60Hz resolutions
• Supports 7.1 channel surround sound
*Although performance characteristics may exceed stated distance limitations depending on the environment
they are in, the following best practices are recommended to ensure optimal results.
The transmitter and receiver should:
• Face each other within the same room
• be located within 33 feet each other
• be placed at the same level; i.e. the transmitter should not be placed higher than the receiver
• be located in open spaces; i.e. not in a cabinet or enclosed shelf



Features: * Wireless extension of 1080p/60 Full HD audio/video up to 10 meters (30 feet) indoors * Indicator LEDs provide operational status * Powerful internal 36-Antenna array * HDMI and HDCP compliant Specifications: * Maximum A/V signal extension: 30 feet (open space indoors with no obstructions) * Supported HDTV Resolutions: 640x480i/p @60Hz; 720x480p@60Hz; 720x576i/p@50Hz; 1280x720p at 50,60Hz; 1920x1080i/p@24,50,60 Hz * Maximum Video Resolution: 2K (2048x1080p)(HDTV) * Maximum Audio Bandwidth: 8-channel, 24-bit / 192kHz LPCM. * A/V Connector: One Female 19-pin HDMI, Sender and Receiver * Power Connector: One 12V DC input jack, Sender and Receiver * Power Switch: One sliding rocker switch, Sender and Receiver * Power Supply / Consumption: 12V DC / 18W each, AC 90-230V input * Operating temperature: 0 to 50 degrees C (AC adapter is 0-40 deg.) * EMC: USA: FCC Compliant Part 15B; Canada ICES-003 & Eur. Union CE 301 489-1 & -3 * EMF: European Union CE EN62311 * RF: USA FCC Part 15C; Canada IC RSS 210; E.U. CE EN 302 567

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CL-HDMI-RF-T HDMI wireless Transmitter
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