CL-ASI-DA, 2, 4, 8, 16 ASI , SDI ,SMPTE310M Distribution Amplifier

It is fully MPEG2 MPEG4 DVB ASI compatible so it can be used in any application where, SD-SDI standard SDI video or ASI signals are to be copied and distributed. Distribution amplifier is ideal for medium- to long-distance distribution of digital signals. The reclocking circuit greatly reduces jitter induced over long cable runs or from unstable sources of standard data rate signals. The reclocker can easily be disabled to pass SMPTE 310M and other non-standard data rate signals.

Example Aplication

Model Selection

CL-ASI-DA-2 1x2 ASI , SDI ,SMPTE310M Distribution Amplifier
CL-ASI-DA-4 1x4 ASI , SDI ,SMPTE310M Distribution Amplifier
CL-ASI-DA-8 1x8 ASI , SDI ,SMPTE310M Distribution Amplifier


Aplications: Inputs SERIAL DIGITAL INPUT Quantity: x1 Signal type: DVB-ASI 270Mb/s SD Serial Digital (SMPTE 259M) 1.485Gb/s HD Serial Digital (SMPTE 274M or 296M) -optional Impedance: 75Ω Return loss: >15dB Maximum cable length: 984 ft (300m) for 270 Mb/s 328 ft (100m) for 1.485 Gb/s Outputs SERIAL DIGITAL OUTPUT Quantity: x2, x4, x8, x16 Signal type: SD/ASI Serial Digital (SMPTE 259M or SMPTE 274M or 296M), follows input Impedance: 75Ω Return loss: >15dB
Standars: - 2,4,8,16 outputs - Data rates from19.39 Mb/s to 270 Mb/s - Use with MPEG2 MPEG4 TS DVB-ASI, SMPTE259M : SD-SDI SMPTE 310M signals -Use with encoders, servers and other ASI compliant equipment -Signal presence detection -Local and remote monitoring