CL-ASI2DS3, ASI over DS3 line Transport Uni-directional, Bi-derectional

DVB ASI MPEG Transport Stream over DS3 Line

The CL-ASI2DS3 is a DVB-ASI to DS3/E3 converter, used for transporting DVB-ASI signals over and SDH DS3 line. CL-ASI 2 DS3 is used as ASI over DS3 transmitter, converting DVB-ASI MPEG-2 TS stream into DS3 data stream for transmitting. CL DS3-2-ASI can be used as DS3 receiver, restoring DS3 data stream into DVB-ASI MPEG-2 Transport Stream. Multiplexed ASI can by transported at bit rates up to 44Mb/s. DS-3 which stands for Digital Signal Level 3, equates to 28 T-1 lines or 44.736 million bits per second (roughly 43-45 Mbps upstream/downstream speeds). DS-3s have enough bandwidth to allow very large Video Audio Multiplied ASI TS transferring over busy wide area networks; it is a perfect medium to transport a DVB-ASI MPEG-2 Transport Stream. The CL-ASI 2 DS3 is able to transmit and receive ASI at the same time. It has SNMP with a real time monitoring feature.


  • Half-duplex or Full-duplex ASI to DS3, DS3 to ASI or both
  • 8MB cache, anti-burst stream
  • PCR jitter equalization
  • Transparent transmission without ATM adapting process, directly mapping Ds3 frame
  • LED and SNMP alarm
  • Input/output TS is MPEG-2 transport stream Up to 44Mbps
  • DS3/E3 stream frame structure complies ITU-TG.752,ITU-TG.804
  • DS3/E3 signal physical interface complies ITU-TG.703
  • Transmitting output DS3:44.736Mbit/s
  • Receiving input DS3:44.736Mbit/s
  • Management Ethernet RJ45, keyboard, LCD
  • Very reliable ASI TS MPEG-2/MPEG4 transmission
  • Real-time stream monitoring SNMP or Monitoring Software
  • Local and remote control
  • LCD display and control, easy and flexible to operate
  • High reliability design, stable operation.

Model Selection

CL-ASI 2 DS3 ASI over to DS3 coverter - Transmitter (it can be set as a receiver or both)
CL-DS3 2 ASI DS3 to DVB-ASI coverter - receiver (it can be set as a Transmiter or both)


Standars: DS3 (44Mbps) or E3 (34Mbps) output-Input/output TS is MPEG-2 transport stream Up to 44Mbps Maximum multiplexed ASI payload capacity (up to 43.4Mbps (DS3) or 33.6Mbps (E3) -DS3/E3 stream frame structure complies ITU-TG.752,ITU-TG.804; - DS3/E3 signal physical interface complies ITU-TG.703; -Transmitting output DS3:44.736Mbit/s; -Receiving input DS3:44.736Mbit/s -DVB validity check (PID, PAT, PMT, ES and SES)
Ports: Input formats -DVB-ASI (EN50083-9), or ASI (Pseudo ASI for sub-multiplexing), containing data from 800kbps up to 43.4Mbps Impedance -75 Ohm level - 800mV (p - p) Cable Equalization- 260m of Belden 8281 cable
Dimensions: 1U 19" rackmount Size 45mm*480*245mm
Environment: 0 ~ 45℃ (Operating); -20 ~ 80℃(Storage)
Power Requirements: 110-220VAC±10%,50Hz,60Mhz 23W
Regulatory Compliance: Standard - DVB-ASI (EN50083-9) Format - 45Mbps - DS3 (B3ZS)| C-bit parity34Mbps - E3 (HDB3)| E3 G.751ASI Submux ASI packets 192/208 bytes from VS9500 (Pseudo ASI for sub-multiplexing) -Output - 1 x E3 or DS3 -Payload - 43.4Mbps max - DS3| 33.6Mbps max - E3 -UL, CE, FCC, Class A