CL-4SD-ENC, (4 in 1) 4 channel Baseband Video/Audio MPEG-2 encoder with DVB ASI and IP output.

4 Channel SD Video Encoder and ASI Multiplexer W/ IP Output

MPEG encoding is a critical step in Digital Video Broadcasting. Even with standard definition signals the video must be encoded in order for it to be distributed through digital channels. Usually this is through MPEG-2, as most current infrastructure and set top boxes work with this standard. Most cable headends deal with hundreds of channels, and it is easy for racks to quickly overflow with equipment. Our CL-4SD-ENC system is designed to address this issue. Our unit reduces the required rack space for encoding equipment by incorporating 4 standard definition encoders into one unit. The CL-4SD-ENC then multiplexes the output ASI signals into a single transport stream. This unit is actually five pieces of equipment in one, encompassing 4 SD MPEG-2 encoders and an ASI multiplexer; all in a single 1U rackmount enclosure. In addition to the multiplexed ASI output our unit also features IP transport stream output. The encoded channels can easily be transported over IP networks and even over the Internet to remote locations. With the future of DVB moving to IP based transport; the CL-4SD-ENC is a solid investment in the future of digital video broadcast.


  • Encoding 4 A/V inputs as 1 Multilexed TS output.
  • Support 4: 2: 0 encoding.
  • Hi-Fi audio processing R/L channel, stereo input.
  • Output encoding rate continuously variable, flexible in use.
  • Local/Remote net administration possible.
  • LCD display, flexible in operation.
  • High reliability design, stable in running.
  • Code stream multiplexing (as users setting).
  • PID display and setting.
  • SDT, program provider and program name setting possible.

Example Aplication

Model Selection

CL-4SD-ENC (4 in 1) 4 Ch Baseband Video / Audio MPEG-2 encoder with DVB ASI and IP output.
CL-4SD-ENC-ASI 4 Ch A/V SD encoder with 1 multiplexed ASI TS output.
CL-4SD-ENC-IP 4 Channels Video Audio standard definition encoder with IP output.


Standars: Input interface : Video (CVBS) - Level 1.0Vp-p Audio signal -Level 2Vp-p Output interface : ASI and IP DVB Standard Output code rate : 1-15Mbps / video channel
Video Encoding: Complying International Standard ISO11172 (MPEG-1) and ISO13818 (MPEG-2) MPEG-2 coding as 4:2:0MP@ML MPEG-2 auto fit frame (AFF) MPEG-2 frame base (FB) Standard - Complying CCIR601Standarad Support 1/2D1, 2/3D1, 3/4D1, Full D1 PAL 720×576, 704×576, 640×576, 544×576, 480×576, 384×576, 352×576 NTSC 720×480, 704×480, 640×480, 544×480, 480×480, 384×480, 352×480
Audio Encoding: Sampling 32KHz, 44.1KHz, 48KHz Code rate 64, 128, 192, 256, 384Kbps Specification MPEG-1 2nd layer, CD audio quality
Dimensions: 1U, 19 inch rack - 45mmx480 mmx415mm
Environment: Temperature 0-45C (Operating); -20-80C(Storage)
Power Requirements: 110VAC-240VAC, 50Hz, 60Hz 23W