CL-ASI2IP, ASI to IP and IP to ASI converter

Digital Video Broadcast ASI to IP Stream Ethernet Gateway

CL-ASI2IP and CL-IP2ASIis compact ASI-to-IP gateway that makes it fast, easy, and affordable to transport DVB-ASI video from remote sites - such as small TV studios, security hot spots, traffic observation points, or weather stations - to central locations.

CL-ASI2Ip converters ASI to IP

CL-IP2ASI converters IP back to ASI.

They could be used in pairs, but also you can work with existing MPEG2 Encoder and Decoder.

Today, setting up video transport links to remote sites is costly and time-consuming. The low latency, high bandwidth channels needed to carry ASI streams of MPEG-encoded SD or HD video dictate the use of either a satellite link, an optical service on a fibre backbone, or a point-to-point microwave radio link.

Comlan simplifies and cost reduces links to remote sites by allowing the video to stream reliably over economical IP networks. One side CL-ASI2IP plugs into coax from an MPEG-to-ASI encoder, the other to an Ethernet cable.

At the central location - such as a production house, play-out centre, satellite earth station or surveillance/security office - the video can be converted back to ASI by a CL-IP2ASI.

For remote sites, where basic Ethernet services aren’t available, the ASI IP can be used in conjunction with a low-cost wireless IP transmission system. An inexpensive way to set up point-to-point IP connections between two sites.

The ASI IP and IP ASI exceptional jitter control, lossless data transfer, and advanced error correction standards ensure pristine image quality. Multicast transmission is fully supported, enabling the same video stream to be distributed simultaneously to multiple destinations.

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Main Features: 
•Powerful embedded CPU is used for the hardware, enabling stable and reliable performance;
•Open Linux or RTOS is used for the software;
•Complete Ethernet protocol, providing 100M/1000M BaseT network interface;
•UDP connection mode, specially designed for video data application;
•USB interface;
•Communication protocol and remote control software package for development (optional);
•Compact design, easy to mount;
•Output/Input status indicators, easy to operate.


Example Aplication

Model Selection

CL-ASI 2 IP ASI to IP converter (Encoder) (TX)
CL-IP 2 ASI IP to ASI converter (EDecoder) (RX)


Aplications: Technical Specifications: Ethernet Interface : 10/100M, duplex/semi-duplex self-adaptive ASI Output Interface : BNC, 75Ω ASI Max Output Bit Rate : 26Mbps Serial Interface : Male DB-9 Equipment Setting : Via Webserver or RS232 Power Supply : 5VDC Power Consumption : < 15 W Dimension/Weight : 220mm*140mm*38mm / 0.5KG Temperature : 0°C to 40°C Humidity : 10-90%, non-condensing