CL-12ASI2I, 12ASI to IP converter

12 Channel DVB-ASI to IP Ethernet Gateway

CL-12ASI2IP has up to 12 independent ASI or IP Gigabit Ethernet gateways. It can work together with CL-12IP2ASI for transporting up to 12 ASI signals over an Ethernet network.

The CL-12ASI2IP converts and transmits up to 12 ASI - MPEG2 TS streams into 1 IP output stream,

Together with CL-12IP2ASI it can a create link over the Gigabit Ethernet network, for transporting 
12 independent DVB-ASI transport streams from place to place.

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• Supports ASI to IP one-way conversion
• Supports one GE serial port, and inputs 1Gps data
• Supports UDP, unicast and multicast mode
• Supports maximum 12 channel ASI to IP conversion channels, and the maximum bit-rate in each channel is 108Mbps, the maximum total bit-rate is 800Mbps
• Keyboard and NMS operation


Example Aplication

Model Selection

CL-12IP2ASI IP to 12 ASI converter (Receiver -decoder)
CL-12IP2ASI 12 ASI to IP converter (Transmitter -Encoder)


Standars: Input - 12 channels ASI input interfaces Output - One GE output ports,RJ45 interface Transfer protocol : Input DVB-ASI Output - TS over UDP,unicast and multicast Bit-rate Max of each channel is 108Mbps Max total bit-rate is 800Mbps Dimension (WxLxH) - 482mm×410mm×44mm Weight - 4kg Power supply - 100~240VAC,50/60Hz Power consumption - 20W