CL- ASI2IP, bi-directional ASI over IP converter , IP over ASI converter

MPEG DVB-ASI to IP and IP to MPEG DVB-ASI Ethernet Gateway

ASI is most commonly used for transporting encoded video streams as either MPEG-2 or MPEG-4. ASI is very useful for this purpose because a single ASI stream can carry many individual MPEG streams, known as programs. Every day the Digital Video Broadcast industry moves closer to an IP based infrastructure. Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet are making it possible to carry massive amounts of information, all on a common IP backbone protocol.  The CL-ASI2IP units are designed as a bi-directional transport system for ASI over IP networks. By converting the transport stream to Ethernet packets, ASI to IP and IP to ASI conversion is possible. Our CL-ASI2IP units are interchangeable; they can function as the transmitter, receiver, or both simultaneously. With our units it is possible to send and receive an ASI over IP signal at the same time. The ASI over IP signal can also be multi cast to many different receiving units. The ASI over IP stream can also be viewed on a computer running stream viewing software. These units can also be paired with wireless networking equipment to create low cost wireless links that incorporate a video over IP approach. As the industry continues to move to an all IP based infrastructure we will continue to see more and more video over IP solutions.    


•MPEG DVB-ASI to IP Network Conversion •IP Network to MPEG DVB-ASI Conversion •IP Unicast to IP Multicast conversion •Point to Point, Point to Multipoint Applications

Example Aplication

Model Selection

CL-ASI2IP MPEG2/4 ASI over IP converter (Encoder) (TX) Unit can by set as a Decoder
CL-IP2ASI IP to ASI MPEG2/4 converter (Decoder) (RX),Unit can be set as Encoder


Aplications: Application examples: Transport of Compressed Video from TV studios, security hot spots, traffic observation points, or weather stations - to central locations using traditional 10/100/1000 Ethernet network
Standars: Serial Interface - Male DB-9 Ethernet Interface - 10/100M, full duplex, RJ45 interface ASI Input Interface - BNC, 75Ω ASI Output Interface - BNC, 75Ω Max. ASI Input Bit Rate - 38Mbps(without webserver function); 20Mbps (with webserver function) (support DVB continual mode) ASI Loop-out - Available Power Supply - DC 5V Power Consumption < 15W
Video Specifications: ASI to IP Input interface 1 DVB-ASI Output interface 1 RJ45 Interface Features ASI-DVB standard IP to ASI Input interface 1 RJ45 Output interface 2 DVB-ASI (The same output) ASI Interface Input interface: 2-ch DVB standard ASI interface Connector: BNC; impedance: 75Ω Transmission stream standard: ISO13818-1 Input effective rate: Max. 214Mbps (each channel) TS packet format:188/204bytes (Automatic sensing) TS input mode: continues mode or bursting mode Network Management Interface: Ethernet interface: IEEE802.3 Ethernet, RJ45 interface Software protocol: UDP/IP
Dimensions: 44mm(Height, 1U)×485mm(Width, 19″)×410mm (Depth)
Environment: Operating temperature 0℃~+50℃
Input Power Requirements: 110-220VAC 50-60Hz 12.5W