CL-SD-ENC, IP and ASI TS Encoder with SD-SDI and Baseband Video / Audio input

Digital MPEG-2 Video Encoder with SDI and Baseband Inputs

The CL-SD-ENC is and universal MPEG2 Encoder with SD-SDI or Baseband Video/Audio inputs with ASI, IP, or optional T1 / DS3 outputs. Video inputs connected to the unit are encoded via MPEG2 and emerge as a transport stream in either ASI or IP format. The ASI stream can then be multiplexed with other ASI transport streams into a multi program transport stream. Many video signals can be combined into a single ASI signal this way. This can be very convenient for transporting content. When used in IP format, the stream can be fed over any packet based Ethernet network such as the Internet. Streaming from one location to another over the Internet is a very useful and common application. Some customers have existing T1 or DS3 digital lines between studios and broadcast headends. It is also possible to use this existing bandwidth to transport the signal from one location to another. This unit is used in both the digital video broadcast industry and in CCTV security monitoring systems. The unit features a high quality output while maintaining a reasonable bit rate of 1.5 to 15 Mbps. The CL-SD-ENC is a complete hardware encoding solution with time based correction circuitry that adapts to signal sources. It supports management via SNMP as well as remote network control. The CL-SD-ENC is an excellent choice for all your SD-SDI or baseband video/audio encoding needs.


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* Support 4:2:0 MPEG2 Encoding.
* Stereo audio processing R/L channel.
* Output Encoding Data rate continuously variable.
* SDT information insertion.
* Local/Remote net administration possible.
* LCD display, Front panel control and setup.
* High reliability design.
* SNMP supported.

Example Aplication

Model Selection

CL-SD-ENC MPEG2 Encoder SDI or A/V input IP and ASI TS output
CL-SD-ENC-IP MPEG2 Encoder SD SDI or Audio Video input and IP TS output
CL-SD-ENC-ASI MPEG2 Encoder SMPTE259M (SDI),Baseband video audio inputs and DVB-ASI transport stream output
CL-SD-ENC-DS3 MPEG2 Encoder SDI, Audio Video input and DS3 output
CL-SD-ENC-T1 MPEG2 Encoder SMPTE259M, A/V input up to 4T1 output


Aplications: Possible Aplications Baseband Video/Audio to ASI Baseband Video /Audio over IP SD-SDI to ASI conversion SD-SDI to IP conversion Video / Audio multicast - unicast
Standars: Control and IP output (RJ45) IP output - 10/100M Base-T Ethernet interface UDP/RTP/IP output, Multicast or Unicast supported Optional T1 and DS3 outputs on : CL-SD-ENC-DS3 CL-SD-ENC-T1
Ports: Input - SD-SDI, Baseband Video /Audio Output - DVB-ASI, IP ( 1-4 T1 ,DS3 optional ) Rate - 1.5~15 Mbps Format - 188bytes IP - TCP/IP protocol 10/100 Ethernet
Channels: Basic control - 6 buttons, LCD screen, LED indication light Remote control -WEB, SNMP and Own Monitoring Software.
Video Specifications: PAL - 720×576, 704×576, 640×576, 544×576, 480×576, 384×576,352×576 NTSC - 720×480, 704×480, 640×480, 544×480, 480×480, 384×480, 352×480 Operation mode - VBR/CBR.
Video Encoding: Video encoding Encoding Feature Comply to the International standard: ISO 1172(MPEG-1) & ISO 13818(MPEG-2) Encoding support - MPEG-2 Encoder adopt 4:2:0MP@ML, Adaptive field frame(AFF), MPEG-2 based on field(FB)
Audio Encoding: MPEG1 part 2 Sampling Rates - 32KHz, 44.1KHz, 48Khz. Bits - 64,128, 192, 256, 384kbps. Quantization -16bit