CL-220, MPEG-2 Digital Video Encoder

CL-220 is MPEG-2 encoder boasts powerful functions and high flexibility. It can be widely used in radio & TV stations, all kinds of industrial applications such as video monitoring, etc, or for-home program production.


  • Complying with ISO/IEC 11172 (MPEG-1) and ISO/IEC 13818 (MPEG-2) standards
  • Various A/V input modes
  • Forward filtering
  • Audio/video synchronization
  • MPEG-2 self-adaptive field/frame dynamic prediction and DCT
  • Motion prediction: 100 horizontal and 50 vertical searching
  • Semi-pixel precision motion statistics
  • TBC (Time Base Correct)
  • One RS-232 interface supporting independent low-rate data channel
  • Encoding parameters adjustment in accordance with the user's requirements
  • Multiple network interfaces supported
  • Local/remote configuration and control supported
  • Communication protocol and remote control software package for third-party networking and application development
  • Luminance/chrominance adjustment
  • Network access permit issued by the National Radio & TV (General) Bureau

Example Aplication

Model Selection

CL-220-ASI/SPI MPEG-2 Digital Video Encoder, BNC/DB-25, Bit rate: 1.5-20 Mbps, Interface: DVB ASI/SPI
CL-220-EP MPEG-2 Digital Video Encoder, BNC, Bit rate: 1.92 Mbps, Interface: E1 interface (ASI/SPI interface can be added)
CL-220-iMUX/E1 MPEG-2 Digital Video Encoder, SMB, Bit rate: 1.5-7.6 Mbps, Interface: 1-4 channel E1 (ASI/SPI interface can be added)
CL-220-IP MPEG-2 Digital Video Encoder, RJ-45, Bit rate: 1.5-7 Mbps, Interface: 10/100 Mbps Ethernet interface (ASI/SPI interface can be added)
CL-220-DS3/E3 MPEG-2 Digital Video Encoder, BNC: DS3: <43 Mbps; E3: <33 Mbps, Bit rate: DS3: <43 Mbps; E3: <33Mbps, Interface: DS3 interface (default)/E3 interface


Video Encoding: Encoding Standards: ISO/IEC 13818 (MPEG-2), MP@ML 4:2:0, ISO/IEC 11172 (MPEG-1) Image Format: PAL, NTSC A/D Resolution: 9 bit Picture Type: I, IP, IBP, IBBP GOP Structure: adjustable Screen Size: D1, HD1, SIF, QSIF Vertical Resolution: 576 (PAL) and 480 (NTSC) Horizontal Resolution: 720
Audio Encoding: Audio Encoding: ISO/IEC 11172 (MPEG-1) Layer I and II Audio Sampling Frequency: 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz A/D Resolution: 16 bit Encoding Bit Rate: 32-384 Kbps Audio Input: non-balanced analog stereo (default), balanced stereo (optional) Audio Mode: mono, stereo, dual mono, joint stereo
Environment: Operating temperature: 0°C to 40°C Storage temperature: -20°C to 80°C Comparative humidity: 10% to 90% (no-condensing)
Power Requirements: Voltage: 170V~264V/50Hzor85V~132V/60Hz, power consumption: <35W
Audio/Video Input Interface: Video Input: BNC: Y/C S-Video, composite, SDI (optional) Audio Interface: BNC: non-balanced stereo (default), Cannon: balanced stereo (optional)