CL-5000DVB, DVB-ASI/SMTPE 310M Card Module

Fiber Optic Media Converter for DVB-ASI or SMPTE 259M

CL-5000DVB is a general purpose media converter that translates transmission signals from a copper media to a singlemode optical signal. The CL-5000DVB uses BNC connector for the copper input and can be configured for CWDM or DWDM optics. Typical applications include DVB-ASI or SMPTE 259M running at 270 Mbps. The CL-5000DVB also supports SMPTE 31 OM and ASI from 19 Mbps up to 370 Mbps. The CL-5000DVB translates and transmits the signals over one fibreoptic strand. 

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  1. General Purpose Copper to Fibre Media Converter
  2. 0.5 Mbps - 622 Mbps Bandwidth
  3. 1 x Copper port: BNC with equalization
  4. 1 x Singlemode or Multimode fibreoptic port
  5. 110km transmission range
  6. 1 Fibre strand transmission
  7. Plug-n-Play

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