CL-5000VA, Video/Audio Card Module

CL-5000VA fiberoptic video and audio multiplexer

The CL-5000VA is ideal for transporting up to 2 channels of video and up to 4 channels of audio over a single CWDM or DWDM channel. The CL-5000VA operates by digitizing and multiplexing video and audio onto a single high speed serial bus. Because the system employs 10-bit digital transmission techniques, performance characteristics are consistent and maintained over the specified distance with no degradation of signal. The system is based on our custom designed PCB's witch use a lower component count by incorporating custom ASICs to increase system reliability and performance. Our units feature built-in diagnostics LED's for each channel; loss of link facilitate the continuous monitoring of all phases of operation. 

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  1. High Quality 10-bit Digital Sampling of Video Inputs
  2. Uncompressed Digital Transmission
  3. Optional Two Video Transmission
  4. Baseband Video or composite Vide/Audio Transmission
  5. Optional 2 or 4 Channel Audio Transmission
  6. Audio Compatible with Balanced or Unbalanced Audio Formats
  7. High Quality Uncompressed Digital Transmission

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Aplications: SMPTE 259M, SDI or D1 SMPTE 31 OM, MPEG2 SMPTE 305 - 540 Mbps HDTV Video-on-Demand Stream MPEG Encoder DVB-ASI ASI 1.0 Mbps to 370 Mbps